I live with my husband Richard in the market town of Knutsford in Cheshire, England, situated 14 miles (23 kilometres) south-west of Manchester. As artists we work from home. Tonkinese cats have been part of our family for over 30 years, which is when I first started breeding under the prefix of Tintoretto.

Our Tonkinese cats have always been first and foremost our pets and contribute enormously towards making our household a pleasant, calming environment. If anyone is stressed out they only have to stroke one of the cats and they immediately feel better. Tonkinese are intelligent, gregarious and extremely friendly cats. They’ll touch you, talk to you and some even play ‘fetch’.

Although they love to be with people, they do also need other feline company. They get on well with most types of cat, but particularly with other active intelligent cats.

Mali, Lilly and Misty having cuddles

Lilly's kittens with Lullaby

Tonkinese cats are naturally intelligent and inquisitive so if you're looking for a passive ornament don't choose a Tonkinese!
But if you want a beautiful, silky-soft purr-machine, who may scale your cupboards and other high points in search of pastures new, read on…