Pictured here are Champion Bluebelle's first litter of kittens, just born. Tintoretto kittens are raised in a loving, caring home and in accordance with the GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) General Code of Ethics. They are available from 13/14 weeks of age.

If you are interested in going on my waiting list, please contact me via email or phone. Our kittens are sold to homes, where they will receive the best love, care and understanding and become fully integrated as an important part of the family. Tintoretto kittens or cats must be returned to me if it is necessary to re-home them for any reason.

All our kittens are born in our bedroom where mum feels safe and we can keep a close eye on them. We have found that our queens like this close human contact. Our queens are not caged and are allowed to roam freely around the house as part of our family. The exception to this is in the few days prior to a queens' due date, then during the night she is kept in the bedroom with us, just in case.


Here is Lily with her gorgeous lilac ticked tabby male kitten, with a pointed coat pattern. His whiskers have been trimmed by overenthusiastic mum when cleaning him. Just like mum he has a wonderful temperament and personality. He will be ready to go to his new home in the middle of Oct 2023.

 Our girls love the company of each other and enjoy being aunties and involving themselves in taking on a little of the responsibility of helping mum out with her kittens. When giving birth a cat usually knows exactly what to do, but occasionally assistance is needed.

For example, an inexperienced maiden queen can get confused, equally a litter of kittens that are born rapidly can find the queen unable to cope. Cats vary considerably in their birthing patterns. Some have their kittens at regular spaced intervals, some have one or two kittens, then take a long rest before continuing their labour. I keep a record book of all my queens' deliveries and their kittens' progress. Each day I weigh the kittens at about the same time so as to monitor their weight gain.

The majority of cats know how to care for their new kittens by instinct, Giving birth to a large litter of kittens can be exhausting for a queen, and she will usually rest for about a day after her labours, Usually by the second day the queen feels much better and is back to eating and drinking normally.

Tintoretto kittens are reared with an abundance of love. We pride ourselves on breeding beautiful, healthy kittens with superb type and pedigree. Tintoretto cats are bred for purrsonality and temperament and make wonderful pets. Our kittens are lovingly home-reared as part of the family and benefit from being born as naturally as possible in our bedroom, where we can keep a close eye on them. This close contact has resulted in confident, healthy and naturally affectionate cats who enjoy both peoples' company and a lap to sit on.

My husband and I are both artists and breed Tonkinese cats because we love their temperaments. The fact that they are also beautiful is an added bonus. We are not a kitten factory and have a limited number of kittens each year. Each queen has the maximum of one litter per year.